What is worship?

Worship. What does that word really mean? We use it in so many ways. “He is the Worship Leader.” “I can’t wait for worship!” “How was the worship today?” “I am on the worship team.” In most cases, the term “worship” is used for music or experience. We long for that worship moment. That experience that where we “feel the Spirit moving.” But what happens when these “experiences” leave us dry, when we didn’t get much out of it? Was that worship? Do we really understand what worship is?

Growing up in the church, I am very familiar with “worship.” I have led worship for children and as part of the adult team. In recent years, however, I find myself pondering..asking…have we missed the point? Is this true worship? Don’t get me wrong, I have loved the years of singing with God’s people. But we have to ask, is this truly worship. As the church gathering as we have known it has been taken away, many are left with a void. A feeling of missing “worship.” But what if opportunities to worship are right in front of us every single day? Moments in the mundane to offer true worship to our Lord.

Join me as I dive deep into a study of “worship” through the Bible. What is true biblical worship? Worship that our God and Father accepts? I think we will be surprised to learn what it truly is.

The truth is, Worship is a lifestyle. And it is a lifestyle that is walked out one day at a time. While sorting through the pile of laundry…again. While driving kids to school. Through caring for elderly parents.

What does it really look like to live a worship filled life one day at a time?

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